Quaker Boy Typhoon Box Turkey Call 13646
MPN:  13646 UPC:   040191136461

Quaker Boy Typhoon Box Turkey Call 13646


Quaker Boy Waterproof Turkey Box Call

Built with new technology eliminating the need to maintain the call. The new ergo grip paddle handle is designed so you can sound like an old hen or young hen on the right or left side of the call. This call will work equally as well on wet stormy or hot dry days. Never needs chalk or sanding. The Curve Lid Boat Paddle The patent pending curved lid stays horizontal and slides across the side wall like a guide, automatically producing a yelp every time. Because of the patent pending curved lid design the contact area between it and box is elongated by almost three times that of a straight lid. It acts as a guiding rail that forces the call to yelp when it is closed. The lid is crafted of furniture grade mahogany and is precision cut to match the hand selected butternut bottom. This contrast in wood designed and crafted to precision specifications results in the ultimate turkey call.

Mfg Item Num: 13646
Category: GAME CALLS
Type :Turkey Call
Species :Turkey
Material :Wood

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